All acrylic portraits are done on quality stretched cotton canvas deep panels or boards (please specify choice) and are unframed. Prices quoted are for one subject head and shoulders on a diffused colour background.  If you require full body, detailed backgrounds or larger canvas size, I am happy to discuss and provide you with the cost.


For guide purposes only the canvas size has been compared to a similar paper size (the exact dimensions of paper are listed in the table).


8” x 10” (A4) £200  (for each additional subject add £50)


12”x 16” (A3) £300  (for each additional subject add £60)


16” x 20” (A2) £400  (for each additional subject add £70)



Choose between a Stretched Canvas or a Canvas Panel.


The benefit of a stretched canvas is the portrait can be hung without a frame if desired. A flat panel would need mounting and framing.

Acrylic Portraits

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  • High resolution clear in focus photos

    Take in natural daylight if possible, to avoid red eye and distortion of coat colour

    Do not crop the photo

    Make sure the eyes are clearly visible – these bring the portrait to life

    Avoid zooming this will pixelate

    If using a smart phone – no filters

    Separate photographs for more than one subject is fine