Art Commissions

Painted commissions make the most special gift.

If you are interested in treating yourself or a friend please get in touch:

Important reference photo tips:

- High resolution clear in focus photos

- Take in natural daylight if possible, to avoid red-eye and distortion of coat colour

- Do not crop the photo

- Make sure the eyes are clearly visible – these bring the portrait to life

- Avoid zooming this will pixelate

- If using a phone or camera – no filters applied that will affect the natural colours.

- Separate photographs for more than one subject is fine

Why is all of this important?

The quality and clarity of reference photos is the most important aspect of pet portraiture.

If you are unsure of what image to go for please do not worry, send me over your favourites and then we can discuss what image will translate best onto canvas. 


“I can't thank you enough, you have captured him exactly how he is, just amazing!!!!”

—Emily M

“I am beyond thrilled with this incredible painting of my beautiful mare. I am so proud to display it on my wall - it makes me smile every time I walk past it. Thank you so, so much!”

—Emma a

“Completely and utterly blown away. Thank you!”

—jess m

“Thank you so much for your brilliant work and fantastic detail. I will treasure this until I'm with Patchie again. You bring such pleasure to others.”

—Junnie B

“I am literally holding back the tears!!
Omg, this is truly wonderful what you have done. I definitely will be recommending you”

—Sue G

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